CAMELOT Cast of Characters

ARTHUR – (Singing role) Britain’s legendary “once and future king.” Arthur is at once wise, generous, compassionate, and boyish – rather unsure of himself, yet an inspiration to others. He is a rich and complex character.

GUENEVERE – (Singing role) A young, spirited girl who is quite caught up in chivalry and the exciting possibilities of life. She loves Arthur but is very much thrown by the arrival of Lancelot and becomes involved in the famous love triangle.

LANCELOT – (Singing role) An abundantly self-assured knight from France who is a passionate disciple of Arthur and his Round Table. The self-proclaimed greatest knight in the world is shocked when he discovers his one weakness – his love for Guenevere.

KING PELLINORE – (Non-singing role) A wonderfully funny and stuffy old knight who provides the most consistent comic relief in the play. Dedicated to Arthur. Very eccentric. Often Pellinore and Merlyn are played by the same actor.

MERLYN – (Non-singing role) The famous wizard who teachers Arthur everything he needs to know – almost! He disappears very early in the show. Often Merlyn and Pellinore are played by the same actor.

MORDRED – (Singing role) A truly bad young man. Arthur’s son from his young, naïve days. Fascinatingly unlikable. Deliciously evil. Loads of fun to play.

NIMUE – (Singing role and Dancer) The nymph who lures Merlyn away with her hauntingly beautiful voice. Usually played by two performers – a backstage singer and an onstage dancer.

MORGAN LE FEY – (Non-singing role) The famous sorceress and aunt of Mordred who helps Mordred trick Arthur.

SIR DINADAN – (Non-singing role) One of the three named knights who serve Arthur.

TOM OF WARWICK – (Non-singing role) A young boy between the ages of 8 and 14. He is the reason we leave the theater with hope in our hearts.

SIR DINADAN, SIR SAGRAMORE, SIR LIONEL – (Can sing with the ensemble if desired) The major knights. Dinadan has the most lines.

ENSEMBLE – There are several other named characters, both male and female, some who have solo singing lines and some who have speaking lines. There are also knights and ladies, pages and squires, members of Morgan le Fey’s court (who can be dressed in fantastic ways). The ensemble will have three major songs to perform in the group scenes. There are no children in Camelot, with the exception of the character of Tom, but we could use a few children for the ensemble and for Morgan’s court.

We need several dancers – both female and male – for the dance ensemble. We also will need committed backstage staff: stage and prop crew, costumers, makeup staff, etc. We need a set construction crew, costume construction crew, and lighting and sound assistants. We also need people who can assist with publicity.